Wednesday, August 08, 2012

How To Make a Origami Pony / Horse

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Items Required:
  • A Square Paper (of any dimension)
  • A Pair Of Scissors
  • A Sketch (black)
Steps Involved:
  1. Fold the paper in half.
  2. Again fold the paper in half.
  3. Lift the top flap so it stands straight up.Put your finger inside the white part of the flap.Press down to flatten so that the tip of the paper reaches the bottom.
  4. Repeat the step for the other side to.
  5. Fold in both bottom flaps so they meet in the center.
  6. Fold down the top point.Crease and unfold the middle flaps.
  7. Carefully cut along the center line of the top flap until you reach the crease you made in step 6.
  8. Fold up the bottom flaps.
  9. Fold down about one-half inch (1.2cm) from the top points.
  10. Fold both edges in to the center.Turn the paper over.
  11. Repeat steps 5 through 10.Then rotate the paper one-half to the right.
  12. Fold  the top points as shown in the video.
  13. Fold the other flap as shown in the video.
  14. Fold back the bottom flap.
Finishing It Off:
                      Fluff out your pony's mane.Then draw eyes to your pony's face.It's show time!!!!!!!! 

Hope you enjoyed the pony / horse!!
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